Princess Weddings: Some Inspiration For Kate Middleton

Princess Weddings: Some Inspiration For Kate Middleton
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There must be something in the air, because it seems that no matter where we turn lately, another couple is either getting engaged or getting hitched. Across the pond, Kate and William started marriage fever 2010 when they announced their engagement last month. Our own version of royalty, Lauren Bush and David Lauren, just got engaged a few days ago and not to be overshadowed, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden finally tied the knot last weekend, a mere four years and two kids later.

With all the marriage talk, I can’t help but dream about my own future very, very future fairy tale wedding. Who better to turn to for inspiration than some real-life princess nuptials? They may not have all lived in marriage bliss, but there’s no denying that these royal couples had some of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies in history.

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