Prince George Celebrates Third Birthday with Ridiculously Cute Photo Shoot

Twitter / Kensington Palace

Twitter / Kensington Palace

Prince George turns three today, and what does any prince want for his birthday but a photo shoot that requires at least one outfit change. Thankfully, Kensington Palace and his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, obliged, and we now have some of the most adorable pics of the future king yet.

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The photos were taken by Matt Porteous at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s country estate in Norfolk, England, and they were released on Twitter. In one of the Tweets, Kate and William thanked the public for its birthday wishes. “The Duke and Duchess thank everyone for all the lovely birthday messages they have received for Prince George.” Check out the rest of the pics below.

Still—because it’s 2016—some people had a problem with the photos, including animal welfare organizations, thanks to the fact that George is feeding his pet spaniel Lupo an ice-cream cone in one of the snaps.

As reported by the Guardian, Experts have warned that dogs are allergic to dairy, which can cause digestive problems. Oops!

“It is lovely that Prince George is trying to help keep his family dog, Lupo, cool in these high temperatures,” said a statement from the U.K.’s RSPCA said. “We would advise people to be cautious when giving their dogs food meant for human consumption as some items, like chocolate, can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult for them to digest. Instead of ice-cream we would suggest making a [cone] from pet-friendly ingredients. Making these can be really fun for children and the end product is both safe and enjoyable for dogs.”

Oh well. At least the pics are cute.

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