Prince Concert 2009: Paris Grand Palais Performance


Prince was in Paris last week for Fashion Week to attend the shows and perhaps give Rihanna a run for her money with his extravagant outfits. Among notable attended shows: Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld‘s barnyard-inspired fashion show at Grand Palais has been talk-of-the-globe since the show took place last week. Aside from the influx of adorable mini tweed suits and clogs we can’t wait to wear next season (yes, I said it, we can’t wait to wear clogs), Lily Allen’s live performance took Lagerfeld’s show from plain old jaw dropping to death inducing. Like...Rachel Zoe actually may have dropped dead.

Digression over. Prince was obviously seriously enchanted by the show because just a few hours after its end, he spoke to the manger of Grand Palais and learned the venue was free just four days later on Sunday, October 13.

It gets better. He orchestrated not one, but two shows, to take place back to back last night. The first at 5 pm and the second at 10 pm. Both shows sold out.

Lily Allen who?

Prince threatened to sue RockerParis, a well known French blog that follows and reviews concerts that take place in Paris, after RP posted their own images from the show. This just in: Prince is also a Drama QUEEN.

In the event that you’re some sort of die hard Prince fan (it could happen, you’ve obviously never met my father), you can check out set lists from both shows on RockerParis.

And as for us…or me, between Mark Ronson‘s DJ gig at Montana that included celebrity sightings a la Dita von Teese (plus cat ears) and Sean Lennon, Prince’s live performances last night, and a fashion show at Salon du Chocolat that will include meticulous garments made solely from chocolate due to premiere in Versailles on Wednesday (this is not a joke), I’m just happy to note Gay Paris doesn’t become Lame Paris after Fashion Week.

Oh, and P.S. Sweet bell bottoms, Prince.

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