Pratt Loves His Playmate


Last night for a special LA screening of G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, at the Roman’s Chinese Theatre, Heidi brought along the buzzed about issue of Playboy. Heidi is featured on the cover in a white bikini, with the playboy bunny outlined on her stomach. We’re hoping its chocolate that she has smeared on her (hot?) bod, because it would help clarify Spencer’s need to practically make out with the issue all over the red carpet.

All of those expected to get full look at Heidi, don’t get too excited. She won’t be featured nude in the issue. Disappointment, hmmm were not sure? Speidi is a jealous bunch, wouldn’t want to interfere between the lovely newlyweds.

While Spencer was thrilled, former friend and co-star LC, made a pretty harsh reference when Haper’s Bazaar asked her opinion on Heidi’s playboy spread, and cosmetic enhancements, she replied, “They’re not going to pay for themselves.” We’ll certainly miss LC on the next season of the Hills, but we’re sure that Kristin Cavallari and Speidi will keep the drama level at an all time high.

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