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Prada Gets Psychedelic in “Real Fantasies” Fashion Film

Prada Gets Psychedelic in “Real Fantasies” Fashion Film

Prada‘s latest fashion film, Real Fantasies, basically showcases everything I’ve ever wanted and more. In other words, a crazy, psychedelic dollhouse and Prada’s absolutely gorgeous Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection. The film is essentially a pop-up book with stunning male and female models clad in the chic goods.

Enormous hands move the models around, taking them on an adventure to a variety of different backdrops and rooms within the dollhouse. The collection exemplifies pure luxury, and it is filled with sequin, furs, and pricey materials that I wish were more than fantasies, and actually pieces that were in my closet.

Everyone at StyleCaster is a fashion film freak, but this exceeded all of our expectations. Watch the video below and enter the Prada dollhouse. You’ll never want to leave.

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