Prada Fall 2011 Is a Glam Psychedelic Schoolgirl Adventure

Kerry Pieri
Prada Fall 2011 Is a Glam Psychedelic Schoolgirl Adventure
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It’s no secret that Miuccia Prada is the thinking man’s fashion designer. So you can place bets on the fact that all of that made for the wife of a Russian Czar accoutrement fur, paillettes, snakeskin on modified school girl silhouettes was not without careful consideration.

The consideration at hand: How does one make those hallmarks of glamour appear innocent? The answer was to eschew waist cinching, overtly sexy silhouettes and put those colorful furs and exotics on drop waist 20s dresses, some MOD silhouettes, and throw in some aviator caps for good measure.

The look was part 60s flight attendant, part London go-go girl, part mid century ivy league collegiate through the lens of a psychedelic adventure. The maryjane, boot hybrid helped tell the story while punchy snakeskin coats with contrasting fur collars will have Miuccia devotees utterly delighted.

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