#PopeBars Is the Greatest Thing to Happen on Twitter, Ever


#PopeBars just usurped last year’s #RuinARealityShow as our favorite trending hashtag of all time, and—despite only starting to gain steam this afternoon—already has over 58,000 tweets.

Here’s why: Pope Francis is touring through the Central African Republic right now, and today he made a pretty serious speech in the city of Bangui. Except, the Internet wasn’t hearing a word of it, instead turning attention to one particular photo of the Pope speaking. While holding a microphone. Horizontally. With a choked-up grip. Like a rapper.

You see where this is going.

Naturally, people on the Internet couldn’t help themselves, and within minutes the photo was captioned with #popebars and thousands of 140 character rap verses. Check out a sample of some of our favorites, and then head over to Twitter to scroll through the full feed.






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