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15 Witty iPhone Cases Plucked From Pop Culture

15 Witty iPhone Cases Plucked From Pop Culture

June 25th, 2014
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    Click through to start shopping 15 witty pop culture-referencing iPhone cases, from Miley's tongue to "Beverly Hills, 90210."

  • miley tonue

    Miley Bedazzaled Tongue iPhone Case, $35; at Studio6

  • brenda wash iphone case

    Brenda Walsh "Fuck You All" Case, $35; at Society6

  • breaking bad

    Breaking Bad IPhone Case, $35; at Society6

  • higy-iphone-5s-case

    ElevenParis HIGY iPhone 5S Case, $39; at

  • 10899206 6251837-caseiphone5 b

    Crying Beyoncé, $35; at Society6

  • ironic britney

    Britney IPhone Case, $37; at Red Bubble

  • samantha jones

    Samantha Jones iPhone Case, $35; at Soceity6

  • twin peaks

    Twin Peaks iPhone Case, $35; Soceity6

  • zack

    Saved by the Bell' Zack Attack Cover, $37; at Red Bubble

  • arrested development

    Arrested Development iPhone Case, $35; at Society6

  • ic,x350,iphone5 deflector.u1

    Modern N*Sync iPhone Case, $37; at Red Bubble

  • 6427442 1101171-caseiphone5 l

    Wrecking Ball iPhone Case, $35; at Society6

  • kim kardashian iphone

    Not Cute Kim, $35; at Soceity6

  • breakfast club

    The Breakfast Club iPhone Case, $35; at Society6

  • pulp ficiton

    Pulp Fiction iPhone Case, $40; at

  • ic,x350,iphone5 deflector

    Roller Derby Case (in the style of Sweet Valley High), $37; at Red Bubble

As silly as it sounds, the iPhone—staggeringly successful in and of itself—has spawned a fiercely competitive case industry. We know that nearly every top fashion designer has created branded  phone protectors across all price points, but you might now know that a variety of cases exist for avid pop culture aficionados and fans of a variety of TV shows, artists, celebrities, and movies.

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The beauty of the pop culture-themed cases we’ve found is the fact that they’re not cheesy souvenirs, but rather witty, artistic, or just plain cool ways to show your personality, and what you’re into (or, in the case of a few extra-cheeky cases, what you’re probably not into as much as like to laugh at.)

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From iPhone cases for rabid fans of culty TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Twin Peaks” to zeitgeisty motifs (Miley‘s tongue, anyone?), we’ve rounded up 15 to start shopping now! And while we’re not exactly advocating switching up your phone’s case as often as you switch up, say, your shoes, there’s no denying that the right one can be a fun new addition to your overall look.

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