19 Witty iPhone Cases Plucked from Pop Culture

19 Witty iPhone Cases Plucked from Pop Culture
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Last weekend, I accidentally got my iPhone a little wet. And by “a little wet,” I mean I fully dropped it into the toilet forgetting it was in my back pocket. After an annoying flurry of phone calls, Genius Bar appointments, and headaches, I received a replacement in the mail on Tuesday night (PSA: take the insurance). Once I got it all set up, I realized—gasp—I had no case for it.

I typically gravitate toward funny, witty, or kitschy covers (my last one was Markus Lupfer‘s Jerk case), so I’m not going to settle for a plain black Case Mate. During my online hunt, I’ve come to realize a ton of cases exist for avid pop culture aficionados and fans of a variety of TV shows, artists, celebrities, and movies. (Read: me.)

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Covering everything from culty TV shows (Beverly Hills, 90210 and Twin Peaks) to zeitgeisty motifs (Miley‘s tongue, anyone?), these 19 iPhone cases are ones I’d be proud to slip onto my (refurbished, ugh) 5S.

And while I’m not advocating switching up your phone’s case as often as you change, say, your shoes, there’s no denying that the right one can be a fun new addition to your overall look.

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