23 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers That Are Changing The Game

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23 Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers That Are Changing The Game
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As far as plus-size fashion goes, it’s a common gripe that there seems to be a gaping hole in the marketplace when it comes to brands that are equal parts on-trend and made to flatter curves, and that there aren’t enough plus-size women at the forefront of fashion to set a positive example. Luckily, that’s starting to change—an increasing number of brands and stores are including plus-size merchandise and, in some awesome cases, models in their campaigns. While that’s all amazing, it’s really the advent of plus-size fashion bloggers that seems to be making the most influential waves. 

What’s so refreshing about curvy bloggers isn’t the fact that we’re seeing a varied collection of bodies in a marketplace that getting to be way too homogeneous, but really the idea that most of these young women truly understand style, and—as a result—understand that the hackneyed fashion rules that once applied to certain body types just don’t exist anymore.

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Before we had these young women as examples, there’s a good chance most full-figured women would shy away from trends like crop tops, bold patterns, and bodycon dresses, but now we’re seeing that these types of things not only work for a huge variety of shapes, but can also look fabulous and modern if chosen correctly, just like any other item on any other body type.

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To that end, we’ve rounded up 23 plus-size fashion bloggers who are changing the game—and who consistently offer serious outfit inspiration, no matter what your size. Click through the gallery to check them out!

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