Please pack your knives and go


As someone interested in food (otherwise known as a “foodie” though the juvenile-sounding name doesn’t do my passions justice), it’s possibly my guiltiest pleasure how much I am into Bravo‘s hit TV show, Top Chef.

Tonight, dear readers, we recommence our fifth round of quick fires, elimination challenges, judges’ table discussions, demonstrated knife skills, and culinary creativity, when the next season of the show premieres.

StyleCaster’s offices being in New York City, we have the added benefit of being the host city for this season (and don’t think we haven’t been stalking the crew at Whole Foods on the Lower East Side, or scoping Le Bernardin for views of the upcoming shows), which means our (un)healthy obsession with the show can be explained away by merely having a heightened interest in our surroundings.

But the real way for a StyleCaster to justify her interest in the show is the lovely Padma, resident eye candy on Bravo’s series since season two. The lanky Lakshmi –a former model, and the former Mrs. Salman Rushdie–is a nice counterbalance to the scruffy, shlubby chefs we often see. Her fashion choices are simply another reason to watch. She always wears ensembles that flatter her figure but don’t detract too much from the ahem, more salient points of the show. Thank you, chef.

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