Pizza Vending Machines Hit NYC-Will You Give It A Try?

Jessica Hoppe

Talk about fast food — NYC is introducing a pizza vending machine that can make you a personal pie in 90 seconds. But can a pizza vending machine be successful in a city where you can find a dollar slice (2 Bros) on pretty much every corner?

A team ofNew York entrepreneurs are taking a cue from the French 24-hourbaguette baking vending machine fromFranceandcreated an automated pizzeria that delivers freshly baked hot pizzas with the touch of a few buttons.

You can custom order your pie with choices of white, cheese and pepperoni pizza and even watch it bake (kind of like when you buy aLean Cuisine pizza and observe it radioactively melt in the microwave). Just in case your ADD is way too massive to endure 90 seconds you can always entertain yourself by watching the32-inch flat screen TV that blares entertainment and ads while the pizza elves bake your pie. Finally your pizza is “delivered” in a vented box along with a disposable pizza cutter, napkin and two spices. (Boy, they sure thought of everything.)

No word on how much this “freshly” baked pizza will cost you, but you will be able to try one of the company’s five machines being launched for market testing very soon.

Sure, this concept is new to the U.S., but we need only look to the Japanese (who are already hip to this meal vending trend with thethe highest number of vending machines per capita) for inspiration. While we might not be ready for vending machines that pop out flight insurance, used schoolgirl underwear, kitty popcorn and live rhinoceros beetle pets, we’re willing to take a few baby steps in that direction if it means feeding our drunken 3AM hunger fix.

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