50 Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

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50 Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

If you’re deep into planning a wedding, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you’re feeling overwhelmed—but heading over to the magical world of virtual pin boards for some Pinterest wedding ideas will seriously help get you organized and totally inspire you, too.

Whether you’re considering a traditional wedding or something a little out-of-the-box, Pinterest is teeming with gorgeous photos and links out to tips, tutorials and where to shop to create the event of your dreams.  It’s easier than ever to research cool, creative, and unique wedding ideas that will truly set your night apart from the rest.

To get you thinking about ways to shake up your own wedding, we scoured Pinterest and gathered 50 ideas—some small, others slightly  more thematic—to help you throw the most unique wedding ever.

Studio DIYPhoto via Studio DIY

1. Dip balloons them in gold glitter for a glamorous, fun effect. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, tie one to the back of each chair. Otherwise, fill them with helium and let them fill the ceiling of your venue.

2. For gorgeous (and affordable) centerpieces, take cylindrical vases and submerge flowers in water.

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3. During your bachelorette party, have each bridesmaid wear lipstick kiss the same sheet of card stock. Have them sign their name underneath, and frame the print.

e004459006197483e34184de354a089a 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from PinterestPhoto via Fab You Bliss

4. Make a sign with your wedding’s hashtag so that wedding guests can tag their photos taken at your wedding.

5. Give your guests personalized tote bags for their wedding favor.

6. It sucks when you get stuck sitting at the back at the wedding and can’t see a thing. Make sure all your guests have a good view by positioning the chairs in a circle.

7. For an inside or nighttime wedding, light up your ceremony with a backdrop filled with strands of lights.

Shine on with LBPhoto via Shine on with LB

8. Obviously, you and your bridesmaids will be having a fun night out at your bachelorette party. How cute would it be to make a print of fun morning-after mugshots?

9. Does your wedding venue have boring bathrooms? Spruce them up with these door dressings.

10. Grab a photo of you and your girls popping champagne at your bachelorette party to remember the fun times you had.

39b593fc7f7fda1218d158b68cda273f 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from PinterestPhoto via Martha Stewart Weddings

11. For dessert, let your guests choose from multiple cakes and desserts instead of just one wedding cake.

12. Give your engagement photos a fantasy theme.

13. Who wouldn’t love a wedding with a s’mores bar? It’s inexpensive and perfect for the outdoor wedding.

100 Layer CakePhoto via 100 Layer Cake

14. Pull a Kim and Kanye and have a floral backdrop at your wedding.

15. Opt for a simple wedding cake that coordinates with your wedding’s color palette.

 bcb5a0d506ad60d08893921cb2c4d8501 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Photo via Decorator’s Notebook

16. Find a creative place to host your wedding like a flower-filled greenhouse.

17. If you’re having a country wedding, use hail bails as benches for your ceremony—totally inexpensive and coordinated with the theme.

18. Incorporate your favorite trends into your wedding dress. A sucker for a cropped top? Check this dress out.

pinterest wedding

 Photo via Atelier Boda

19. For a rustic wedding, use a piece of wood to create a wedding sign to point your guests in the right direction. Prop it up with a pitchfork or garden shovel, and use watering cans as flower holders.

20. Have pets? Incorporate them into your bride and groom photo shoot since they’re part of the family.

21. Use items that you can find at a flea market (ex: these vintage wine barrels) to give your wedding a rustic and vintage vibe.

22. Instead of having your bridesmaids wear the same dress in the same color, let them have fun and look stylish in mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

23. For some kids, weddings can be a drag. Keep them entertained with a kids station.

24. Ask your maid of honor to join you in the wedding party with a special gift box filled with items she might need.

Tropical save the date postcards wedding idea | Minted

Photo: Minted

25. Send out “Save the Date” postcards instead of cards with envelopes. You’ll save on postage, plus it’s super-cool!

26. Since your bouquet won’t last forever, keep the dried petals in a Christmas ornament that you can use around the holidays.

27. Stray away from a boring guest book. Create a book with your engagement photos and have your guests sign that.

b15bc3a5cc945fcb37ad9bcbaa243342 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from PinterestPhoto via The Perfect Palette

28. Incorporate cute, bright-colored tassel garlands to add a fun and girly touch.

29. Host a bridesmaid scavenger hunt at your bachelorette party.

30. Instead of sticking with just colors in your wedding’s palette, opt for a pattern that you can carry along throughout the event.

The Perfect PalettePhoto via The Perfect Palette

31. Have a dinner where you can surprise your friends and ask them to be in your bridal party.

32. Make personalized popcorn bags for your guests to enjoy during the reception.

33. Don’t have anyone to be a flower girl? Let the two grandmothers take a walk down the aisle in their place.

34. Make a statement with some bright colored shoes instead of traditional heels.

white, gray, and greenery wedding color palette ideas 2017

Photo: Elegant Wedding Invites

35. If you’re not a fan of pastel colors, go for soft neutrals with greenery in your wedding’s color palette.

36. During your bridal shower, have a perfume bar where your guests can create their own fragrance to take home.

dfb41dbdd6b7e930e17aff0eedf43e18 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from PinterestPhoto via Instagram

37. Love Beyonce? Grab this “Feyonce” sweater to rock to your engagement party.

38. Let your guests know where they’ll be sitting with homemade watercolor escort cards.

Wedding headpiece ideas  | Bridal crown, Tania MarasPhoto: Tania Maras

39. Don’t want to wear a veil? How about a sparkly headpiece instead?

40. You don’t have to stick to a traditional wedding dress and tux. Try something that fits your style.

41. As a wedding favor, have a dessert table with empty boxes where your guests can choose which desserts to take home to enjoy.

f1ad81da27bdd7cce219994063eba804 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Photo via Catch My Party

42. Show your guests your wedding menu on an old door painted with chalkboard paint. Perfect for a rustic wedding!

43. Take a creative photo booth picture to use around your wedding or even on your save the date cards or invitations.

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44. Give your guests an idea of how the night will happen with a creative wedding program.

45. Let your passions shine through in your engagement photos. Both love art? Here’s the perfect idea.

757db09a565e5288654e2fb9f1be51cf 50 Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest Photo via The Lovely Find

46. Take some stress off yourself and let the guests choose their own seats!

47. Having a fall wedding? Grab some photos with your wedding party throwing leaves in the air.


Photo: Etsy

48. Let your guest entertain themselves at a photo booth with fun felt props.

49. Having a summer wedding? Let your guests cool off with a frozen yogurt bar, and get creative with toppings.

50. Have your guests take a polaroid photo of themselves and replace their name card with the photo!

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Photo via HerCampus

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50 Cool Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

Originally published June 2014. Updated May 2017.

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