Pics From Last Night: StyleCaster’s 50 Most Stylish Party

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Pics From Last Night: StyleCaster’s 50 Most Stylish Party
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The Big Apple must have felt slightly barren of fashion inspiration on Thursday night, as many of the city’s chicest residents flocked to StyleCaster’s 50 Most Stylish New Yorker’s party to celebrate our crowning of this year’s best-dressed citizens. While the line stretched around the block at Catch, our adopted home base for the evening, the newsworthy and the notables got the party started upstairs, crowding around the bar to sip vodka martinis and gimlets courtesy of Absolut. Special thanks for Perrier for ensuring we left hydrated and…bubbly.

Honorees like Nate Berkus, DANNIJO co-founders Danielle and Jodie Snyder and Lucky magazine’s John Jannuzzi held center court while the king of awesomeness himself, Theophilus London took the party up a notch when he jumped into the DJ booth and set to spinning some seriously sick music.

While the rest of the evening is slightly hazy (did we actually go up on the roof?), we know from all these pics we snapped just go to show nobody throws a party like a StyleCaster party.

Click through the slideshow* above from some of the hottest highlights of the biggest damn party for New York’s fashionable set.

*All images credit to StyleCaster’s Rolando Robinson and Jacquelyn Clifford.

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StyleCaster's lovely Brette Allen and StyleCaster fav Theophilus London.

#50MSNY honoree Zachary Chick and Dustin Helgeson

#50MSNY honorees the Mueller Bros

#50MSNY honorees Jodie and Danni Snyder with their buddies

StyleCaster CEO Ari Goldberg welcomes a very stylish crowd


getting ready...

to absolutely...

crush it.


#50MSNY Allison Harvard and Zachary Chick

#50MSNY honoree Ian Bradley

Mueller Bros chatting away

Gotta love a solid bow tie

StyleCaster's Brette Allen and friends

Erin Byrnes and Sara Delarosa chatting by the DJ booth

Saucy Glossie founder Lindsey Calla looking as lovely as ever

Delicious Absolut Vodka for everyone!

So...we may have hit capacity at points...

Nothing more stylish than a set of pearly whites


Baseball caps & cardi's - we'll take it.

We prefer our glasses right-side-up and half full thankyouverymuch

Ooh a headband...that reminds us - it's spring!

StyleCaster's Spencer W charms #50MSNY honoree Allison Harvard

StyleCaster's Spencer W charms #50MSNY honoree Allison Harvard

StyleCaster's Spencer Cain is such a stud.

StyleCaster's Marni Golden and friends

DJ Chelsea Leyland...a StyleCaster fav :)

DJ Chelsea Leyland...a StyleCaster fav :)


Theophilus is just so cool.

Lisa Raylesberg and Drew Lyon go for the sleek and skinny tie looks

Keep rocking those Spring trends girls!

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honoree Allison Harvard.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honorees Kirk and Nate Mueller.

MTV's Marissa Ross and friends

MTV's Marissa Ross.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honoree Allison Harvard blowing fish kisses.

StyleCaster's own Rachel Adler, Amanda Elser and Jessica Rubin.

A denim diva and a dapper don deck StyleCaster's dance floor.

Hello model citizen.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honorees Rameeet Chawla and Lara Speier with StyleCaster CEO Ari Goldberg.

Will Chamberlin and StyleCaster's Liz Kozersky.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honorees Zacharay Chick and Dustin Helgeson.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honoree Nicole Bridgeford.

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honoree Miguelina Gambaccini.

Nancy Berger and the PROJECT team.

StyleCaster photographers Spencer Wohlrab and Patrick Biesemans.

StyleCaster's Brette Allen and friends.

Nothing screams style like blue sparkles. StyleCaster approved!

She's got her eyes on you!

StyleCaster's own Spencer Cain. He's kind of a big deal. You may have heard about him.

Jerome Williams.

Stephanie Rodrigues.

Stephanie Rodrigues.

StyleCaster's Susie G with DJ Vikas Sapra and Zena Hanna.

Stephanie Rodrigues and Alexander Castro.

They mean business!

"50 Most Stylish New Yorkers" honoree Ian Bradley.

What's so funny?

StyleCaster's own Rolly Robinson and Philippe Kjellgren.

StyleCaster's Meghan Cross with Ogilvy's finest, Brooke Blashill and Sara Delarosa.

Susie G, Rolly Robinson, Kristen Konvitz and StyleCaster Prez David Goldberg.

Nice jacket.

Throws those hands up!


Jerome Williams and friend.

StyleCaster's Jordynn Haskins and Melinda Berman.

Last name London first name Theophilus.

StyleCaster's Rolly Robinson and friend Jerome Williams.

StyleCaster's Jordynn Haskins.

Dancing the night away.

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