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Photoshop Fail: The Kardashians Are Barely Recognizable in New Ad Campaign

Photoshop Fail: The Kardashians Are Barely Recognizable in New Ad Campaign

kardashians011 Photoshop Fail: The Kardashians Are Barely Recognizable in New Ad Campaign

It’s no big secret that Photoshop is an integral part of ad campaigns and magazine spreads. In fact, some stars even admit to having their visages doctored—like Jennifer Lawrence, who recently proclaimed that her Dior ads were totally altered, since “people don’t look like that.” The reality is that Photoshop can offer enticing improvements, but sometimes it’s taken way too far. Such is the case for a new campaign for the Kardashian’s latest product, a Sun Kissed tanning line.

The ad features Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim clad in bathing suits showing off their—get ready to laugh—”natural” glow. Again, virtual slim-downs and minor toning is commonplace these days, but these girls look like they’ve been created with oil paint. While we’ve come to expect Kim appearing a bit plastic, it’s actually her sisters Kourtney and Khloe who stand out as the most artificial looking.

Also, as a sidenote, the ad obviously was shot quite a while ago, as Kim is currently 5 months pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West‘s baby and is partial to ill-fitting maternity clothes, not bikinis.

What do you think of the latest Photoshop fail?  

  • LA watcher

    rub a dub dub 3 sluts in a tub

    • Livin out Loud

      Only one is..

  • virgolady


  • gege

    They look fantastic!

  • gege

    & Beyonce didnt wear maternity clothes damn near her whole pregnancy! ….whoever wrote this is a hater

  • yawn!

    I guess they’re always photoshopped cause thats how they always look to me. I knew exactly who they were when the pic was thumbnail size and before reading the title, not that serious….. find something worth peoples time to talk about….

  • Got_Smile

    All models have airbrushing etc. long before I was born to make them seem more attractive in magazines or on the screen. the kardashians are selling something and that is how they make their income and of course commercialism makes ’em all look attractive so we buy the product, as this was shockingly new ? NOT

  • amanda

    Kourtney and Khole do not look right in their faces at all. I could barely tell it was Kourtney. But Kim looks normal… besides her belly lol

  • sanbaisan

    …who’s Kim Kardashian?

  • christier40

    If I see anything with those girls or the Kardashian name again, I’m going to puke!!! It’s TOO MUCH “In Your Face” for me!!!! Theyr’e beautiful girls, why push them on us too much???

  • Terry Day (@pookerella)

    They are just BAD graphics artists, that’s all. Generally, people who are “fine artists” (people who can actually draw), take courses in graphics arts because it’s a way to have a day job in the “arts.” Unfortunately, they depend on their God-given talents, and ignore the one they learned in school. Generally, fine artists suck in graphics arts, and vice versa. The ones who can do both make lots and lots of money. This person didn’t care if the photo looked realistic.So the Kardashians wind up looking more like cartoon depictions of themselves. Great graphics artists know how to do this without anyone ever (really) knowing.

  • wiggy365

    cartoon characters as photo-shopped cartoon characters

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