Photographer To Watch: Jaime Johnson

Photographer To Watch: Jaime Johnson
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We’re addicted to the fantasy that pages of a magazine build. Whether we’re transported to the middle of the desert or an opulent living room, we’re transfixed by powerful photographs.  Though we value the expertise established artists bring to the table, we’re also eager to see who’s up and coming and who’s pushing boundaries with fresh perspectives. In this series, we highlight  a new crop of photographers, share snippets of their work and hear from them about just what catches their eye and why.

First up in our new series: Photographer Jaime Johnson. Skilled at capturing her subjects seemingly in their natural surroundings, Johnson blends her keen eye for color with her knowledge of photographic technique. A perfectionist born out of passion, Johnson reveals that she was initially captivated by photography due to the “ability to take a small part of what I was seeing and make it the whole image. Cut and paste. It felt very private.”

Her imaginative work has appeared in several magazines, including Jalouse, often snapping influential personalities. “Shooting [model and actress] Carmen Dell’Orefice […] was pretty epic. She’s a legend. It was rather intimidating at first, but we found a way to connect. That’s the tricky part — finding the path that gets you through your lens to the person on the other side.”

Citing photographers such as Peter Beard, Deborah Turbeville and Helmut Newton amongst her personal favorites, Johnson explains that her most beloved subjects happen to be her friends. “I’ve always loved photographing my friends because I’ve been shooting them for as long as I can remember. But, ultimately, when it comes down to it, I just love photographing people. It’s a very intimate experience.”

As for Johnson’s other inspirations:  “I have a hard time turning it all off.  I have been told I have horrible A.D.D.  Everything inspires me, nothing is safe — the texture of a wall, lyrics, the smell of a stranger… that sounds totally creepy, a memory of a film.”

When asked about tips for aspiring photographers, she’s quick to offer this bit of advice:  “Pay more attention to the way you see and less attention to the next great camera… Listen with your eyes. Get other people talking. Don’t horde your work, share it with everyone. Be your biggest advocate.”

So, who would be a dream subject for Johnson? “The crew and the cast of Game of Thrones.  I would do anything to be their still [or] set photographer or just be able to take photos of them filming… make spare swords for the Starks.”

Read on to check out Jaime’s work.
Models: Allison Millar and Lauren Layne, Click Models

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