Phoebe Philo: Fighting The War Against “Frivolous” Fashion


Phoebe Philo isn’t one of the most outspoken figures in the fashion industry, but she doesn’t need to be: her subdued, straightforward designs for Cline make enough of a statement. The woman who is single-handedly responsible for the revival of the French fashion house (and who can be credited for Chlo’s success after she was named its creative director in 2001) gave a rare interview to The Independent which ran over the weekend.

Although she’s a self-proclaimed interview-hater, she thoroughly discusses how she’s worked to create a brand identity and modern designs that resonate not only with buyers, but with women everywhere. Phoebe explains her philosophy:

“What I love is this idea of a wardrobe, the idea that we’re establishing certain signatures and updating them, that a change in colour or fabric is enough. I do think that the world doesn’t need many more frivolous bits and bobs that end up left in cupboards or landfills.”

Philo’s “quality over quantity” viewpoint is rare these days in fashion, but it’s evident that whatever she’s doing is working. Her impeccably made staples are photographed on every international editor during Fashion Month, and although her clothing is a bit conservative, it perfectly straddles the lines between modern and timeless, as well as between masculine and feminine. The simplicity that she brings to her clothing is matched by her pure motives behind it. She says:

“I absolutely love fashion. I love doing new things and finding ways to swerve in a different direction. But one of the reasons why I try to use fabrics and cuts that don’t go out of fashion is because I like the idea of women buying the clothes and then… I don’t know what the word is… cherish sounds over-emotional for a relationship with a piece of clothing… but for a woman to feel proud, satisfied, comfortable and powerful in them, to wear them and get on with their lives.”

She’s a class act, this one. Check out the full interview over at The Independent!

Photo: David Sims for Vogue Paris

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