Pete Doherty Hospitalized

Last night, Pete Doherty was hospitalized with breathing problems and exhaustion at the Swindon Hospital in England. Further information has not been released on Doherty’s condition but he is under observation at the hospital.

Lead singer of the Libertines and Babyshamples and Kate Moss‘s ex-boyfriend, Pete Doherty has spent the past few years in and out of rehab for his various substance abuse problems. Moreover, he is expected to stand in court on December 21 to face a possible drunk driving charge.

In light of these events, Pete Doherty is cancelling his tour dates in Ireland which were scheduled to begin today. No word on whether or not his Babyshambles UK tour dates which are expected to start on December 10 will be affected by his hospitalization.


  • Couture Cookie

    Why am I not surprised… he sure hasn’t looked healthy in the latest paparazzi shots.. if ever.


  • paul

    He’s been playing non stop concerts recently ,not surprised he’s exhausted .
    Get well soon Pete.

  • Alex Duggan

    Thats what happen when you do that shit. You die and what…

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