How To Do Everything Better: Perfectly Style Your Coffee Table

Leah Bourne

coffee1 How To Do Everything Better: Perfectly Style Your Coffee TableGet a serious case of decor envy when you walk into someone’s home and they have a perfectly styled coffee table? You know the kind that we are talking about, one with perfectly stacked coffee table books, interesting objects, and a perfectly placed chic flower arrangement? Having that kind of an impact in your home is much less hard than you might think. Here, our top tips.
1. More Is More. Unless you have a seriously minimalist living space, consider your coffee table a blank canvas on which to have fun, display your favorite objects, and show off your personality.
2. Layer With Trays. Think of trays as the element that will organize the chaos on your coffee table. They make a great addition to any coffee table, and are great for displaying knick-knacks that might otherwise seem out of place. Large coffee tables also don’t feel so massive when you layer on a tray because they help to break up the surface.
3.Vary Object Heights. Add flowers, coffee table books, candles, objects, all in varying heights, which will add dimension to the look of your coffee table. Think “high, medium, low” when selecting items to place.
4. Flowers and Candles Will Make the Space. If you are going for a stylized coffee table opt away from serious flower arrangements and either choose a low monochromatic arrangement or an orchid. Candles are always a welcome addition to any coffee table surface too.
5. Display the Unusual. Have items that you picked up on your various travels around the world, or items that have sentimental value to you, and not know where to put them? Your coffee table is a great place to display some of those small items that otherwise don’t have much of a place in your home.
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