Perez Hilton Targets The Kiddies


A lot of things come to mind when I think of Perez Hilton little kids isn’t one of them. The same man whose biggest claim to fame is ridiculing celebrities including celebrity children is now officially a published children’s book writer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but initially there’s just something a little discomforting knowing Perez Hilton will be speaking directly to the kids of this world.

But once I was able to take off my judgy hat for a second, I realized that the infamous celeb blogger could actually have some insightful life lessons to preach. And in all fairness, Hilton has come a long way since his heartfelt vow to be nicer back in 2010 see the video below to jog your memory.

The Boy With Pink Hair is all about teaching young readers about self-acceptance, the importance of individuality and equality. The book is officially scheduled for publication in September 2011. Perez Hilton commented:

I am absolutely elated about this book, which comes from a very dear and genuine place within me. While I can identify in many ways with The Boy With Pink Hair, he represents so much more. This story is about every kid thats ever had a dream, felt excluded, wanted to belong, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference. Today, with this book, thats exactly what I feel I have the opportunity to do. I hope everyone can share in the spirit of a boy that only wants to bring some happiness to the world around him.

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