People Watching Outside APW


Things you see at All Points West when you’re stuck in the Liberty State Park landmark train station with 500 people and one concession stand:

– One very tan, very fit boy doing yoga… His friends soon joined in. Stretching those sea legs…

– More flip flops than would ever be acceptable in Manhattan. With more mud than can ever be found in Manhattan.

– Confused foreign tourists in Statue of Liberty hats, who came to learn about their ancestors, and instead were bombarded with MGMT fans.

– A dude holding a pineapple. (Gift for Chris Martin?)

– Six couples who decided today would be the perfect time to start the babymaking process.

– Body painting

– Concession stand corrals for hungry adolescents. Nachos and ice cream cones are the healthiest dairy lunch options.

– A Coach poncho… Not okay.

– The entire stock of Manic Panic hair dye. (Didn’t they know Tool was yesterday?)

– A guy who fashioned a shirt out of a garbage bag.

– More belly rings than are ever necessary in one place.

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