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People Watching Outside APW

People Watching Outside APW

Things you see at All Points West when you’re stuck in the Liberty State Park landmark train station with 500 people and one concession stand:

– One very tan, very fit boy doing yoga… His friends soon joined in. Stretching those sea legs…

– More flip flops than would ever be acceptable in Manhattan. With more mud than can ever be found in Manhattan.

– Confused foreign tourists in Statue of Liberty hats, who came to learn about their ancestors, and instead were bombarded with MGMT fans.

– A dude holding a pineapple. (Gift for Chris Martin?)

– Six couples who decided today would be the perfect time to start the babymaking process.

– Body painting

– Concession stand corrals for hungry adolescents. Nachos and ice cream cones are the healthiest dairy lunch options.

– A Coach poncho… Not okay.

– The entire stock of Manic Panic hair dye. (Didn’t they know Tool was yesterday?)

– A guy who fashioned a shirt out of a garbage bag.

– More belly rings than are ever necessary in one place.