Peek Inside Prince Harry’s Infamous Wynn Hotel Suite

Peek Inside Prince Harry’s Infamous Wynn Hotel Suite
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The suite at the Wynn Las Vegas that Prince Harry stayed in during August of this year made headlines across the globe after naked photos of the Prince partying in the suite appeared online. Hey, whatever happened to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Sure, many were curious about the Prince’s physique, but we were equally curious about the Prince’s royal-worthy hotel digs.
The Prince’s chosen suite is a duplex, 5,829-square-feet and includes three-master bedrooms. A spokesperson for the Wynn said that the Prince’s room usually runs around $6,000 per night and up to $8,000 per night on weekend nights. We have a feeling given its notoriety it’s going to be booked solid for the foreseeable future. Click through the slideshow to get an inside look at the suite.
What do you think of the Prince’s hotel digs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

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