How To Do Everything Better: Patch a Hole In a Wall

Leah Bourne

holewall How To Do Everything Better: Patch a Hole In a Wall
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Have a hole in your wall, and no time to call the handyman? Don’t fret. John DeSilvia of DIY Network’s “Rescue My Renovation” has easy step-by-step instructions to fix the issue, no power tools needed. Say it with us—phew!
Step 1: Prepare Your Patch. With a drywall knife, trim the hole to form a square. Cut a spare piece of drywall two inches larger than the hole on all sides. Then use the knife to score a border around the back of the piece, 2 inches in from the perimeter. Peel off the paper backing from this border, resulting in a hole-sized piece of drywall with 2-inch flaps of paper on all sides. Set the blowout patch aside.
Step 2: Cover the Hole. Spread an even layer of joint compound around the hole and place the blowout patch over the hole. Apply pressure to the patch, and the 2-inch flaps should adhere to the compound. Use a 9-inch taping knife to push out excess compound and scrape it away from the drywall, leaving a smooth, even surface.
Step 3: Conceal the Evidence. Allow the joint compound to dry before applying another coat. After the second coat dries, sand the area. At this point you can paint.
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