Paris Fashion Week Celebrity Sightings, Day 2


Karl Lagerfeld tweeted earlier this morning, “Fashion’s life is short. It’s six months, six months, six months. It’s not something you do for a great future.” We were confused by what he meant, I mean, it’s been what? 54 years since Karl first started designing for Pierre Balmain? We won’t argue, or question, because Chuck Norris KL is never wrong, but we just wanted to share. Paris Fashion Week kicks off in Paris, and Karl calls out its short life span. Sweet.

Onto the goodies: celebrity sightings have continued. It really wasn’t a party until this morning at 10am when Balenciaga previewed. Above, see Carine Roitfeld, leaving the Balenciaga show, Blackberry in hand. She’s probably tweeting.

Below, find French actress Amira Casar leaving the same Balenciaga show. This sighting was a particular favorite because fishnets, FUPA-ridden harems, and petit fur boleros are a personal favorite. Emulate away.


Lily Cole was also at the Balenciaga show…and then at the boutique hours later. She seriously couldn’t wait to cop a few looks from the runway. We don’t blame her. Cole would be looking super Parisian, wearing tights and flats plus min dress and tiny figure, it’s just no one here actually wears berets. Kind of like Mexicans…who don’t actually wear sombreros.


Adrian Grenier spotted in the 13eme arrondisement today. It’s like a little Paris Fashion Week gift from the heavens; Grenier participates in the festivities. I told him to tweet me. He didn’t hear. This may or may not be because said conversation took place in my head.


And while I didn’t want to celebrity-repeat-offend I had to include another Rihanna sighting. RiRi is first caught en route to the Balmain show–where rail-thin models and loads of sequins overcame last season’s influx of shoulder pads–wearing a piece from the collection. Confession: we’re getting over the Mick Jagger thing, we love you RiRi, but it’s time. Grow out your hair.


And then later caught wearing this dress. Is it even a dress? I told you nudity is legal in Paris. “I see London, I see France” …I see Rihannas NAKED BODY. Where’s your nipple ring, lady?


Since Thursday at hot spot Montana (think Beatrice Inn in Paris) is lesbian night, and this week just happens to be Fashion Week, we can’t wait to see what unfolds. I smell a Lindsay Lohan scandal brewing. Let you know tomorrow after Lanvin, Martin Margiela, Dior, and Isabel Marant premiere their collections. A demain la.

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