Makeouts, Psychedelic Collages, and Face-Swapping: Just a Few Reasons You Should Get Into Paris Jackson’s IG

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You know how Miley Cyrus’s Instagram is a crazy hodgepodge of weed shout-outs, sparkles, silly selfies and memes, iMessage screenshots, and the occasional thirst trap? Take that account, multiply it by a blunt and a few psychedelic collages and you’ve got Paris Jackson’s Instagram, a colorful fairyland replete with an image of a baby wearing a Rasta cap and dreadlocks (caption: “mon”) and a shot of herself wearing a tie-dye T-shirt riding in a shopping cart in a parking lot (caption: “holding up the sky”).

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Yesterday Jackson rang in her 18th birthday by commemorating her late father, Michael Jackson, with a tattoo on her forearm in his handwriting: “Queen of My Heart.” Along with the photo of her new ink that she obviously posted to Instagram, she wrote, “To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart.” Aww. The tat was done by Justin Lewis at Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood; though she is pretty visible-tattoo-free right now, perhaps she’ll be hitting him up soon for more (just like Cyrus).

She only has 333K followers, measly compared to Cyrus’s 40.1 million, but though she has been on for a while, she has only been updating regularly for the past few months, so she is basically a teeny-tiny baby in the IG stratosphere. The sky’s the limit for this lil’ Jackson, who has been making up for lost time by posting fast and furious. Nary a day passes without another whacked-out pic or video.

Keep an eye out for more weird stuff, because she seems to be hell-bent on catching up with Cyrus—or at least closing the gap between them.


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