Pamela Love Wants To Tattoo You During New York Fashion Week

Liz Doupnik

fullres5 Pamela Love Wants To Tattoo You During New York Fashion Week

In about five years, Pamela Love has already achieved more success than many older jewelry designers could imagine. Having taken the fashion world by storm several years ago, her slightly dark and gothic pieces can be seen in the pages of just about any magazine and a slew of edgy celebrities. With the CFDA behind her (she’s been nominated for various CFDA awards for the last four years), Love is approaching this upcoming fashion week differently.

Putting her exclusive presentations on hold, the designer is opting for an alternative approach, opening a pop-up tattoo shop in Milk/Made’s Digital Bar on September 8 and September 9, according to T Magazine. The tattoo speckled Love is already adorned with sixteen tattoos and plans to add five designs to her collection.

By appointment only, daring visitors can pick from a selection of motifs illustrated by Love’s husband (aww!) inspired by her current collection compiled of arrowheads, skulls, dream catchers and moon phases to be inked by Minka Sicklinger and Patrick King. As a distraction from the pain, the film Holy Mountain will be played in the background as well.

We just want to check out how many people are really going to opt for one of these tattoos – we’re guessing a hefty lot.

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