Our New Holiday Bag Is Seriously Totes

Meghan Cross

Love Me. No, seriously.

The new limited edition StyleCaster tote bags are in, and I’m sitting here clutching mine like a giddy little schoolgirl holding a candy cane. I cannot wait to bust out the door and run through the streets of NY swingin’ my new swag, courtesy of Curtis Kulig, aka, Love Me.

Every NYFW, StyleCaster teams up with an artist we love to create a stellar design for our practical — and practically weightless — shoulder threads. This year, Santa came a little early, and we decided to create a special holiday edition one for a select few.

In the spirit of Chrismukkah cheer, we teamed up with the world-renowned street artist, Love Me in order to create these babies.

The Tribeca-based tag artist has spread his Love through the streets, walls and lamp posts of metropolitan hubs across the globe, as well as through major galleries in between. Having partnered with the likes of Terry Richardson, this guy means business, but in a fun and festive way.

Check out this video for the inside scoop on his aesthetic, and some of the spots he’s tagged near you. Though Love Me claims his early riser tagging trips are an “emotional imbalance slash obsessive compulsive thing,” we think it’s more of an awesome thing. Keep spreading the Love, Love Me!

CHALLENGE: Send us a twit pic that contains the StyleCaster mission, “Style to the People,” and we’ll send you one of our newest totes. (Those of you attending the StyleCaster annually epic holiday party will leave with a fancy tote bag of your own) A lovely example is below, thanks to our fabulous community manager Rachel Siegel.

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