Our 5 Favorite Outtakes From the Kardashian Wedding

Spencer Cain
Our 5 Favorite Outtakes From the Kardashian Wedding
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OK, I know you’re probably tired of hearing aboutKim Kardashian‘s wedding, but the reality is, the craziness hasn’t evenbegun. That’s right — Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event airs on October 9th and 10th, so be sure to delete E! from your channel guide that weekend if you’re sick of it already.

Anyway…TMZ did us all a solid by publishing a huge album from the big day. Romantic, right? Frankly, I’m surprisedHarvey Levin didn’t walk Kim down the aisle himself. But instead of having you sort through all of the photos, I’ve compiled my five favorites for your viewing pleasure. Click through the above gallery and enjoy the most bizarre wedding of all time with me!

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WOW. This is probably THE best group shot I have ever seen. First, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom look adorable together as usual (I'm actually convinced they love each other despite their strange, televised courtship). Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest andJulianne Hough look attractive, short and boring as usual. And who's that in the middle? Oh, just the most famous wedding dress designer in the world. Hey Vera, wuss up?  (Seriously, you really gotta wonder what her and Julianne chatted about -- clearly not the buffet).

If I get married and Kris Jenner doesn't show up in a horrendous bow dress, I will be sorely disappointed.

Kim is always refined and subtle...as demonstrated by her ridiculous train and $1.5 million Lorraine Schwartz tiara. 

A party just isn't a party without the Lohan ladies! Dina's dress appears to be made from some sort of sequined, black masking tape. Lindsay looks like she just woke up in the bathroom of Les Deux, realized she had a wedding to attend, so she stole Pippa Middleton's dress and did her hair while driving over. (I don't even know what to say about Ali. Keep doing you, girl. )

I had to include this for good measure. People give Scott Disick such a hard time, but the dude can dress and he seems like a good father. Also, Mason Dash Disick is the most adorable baby in the world. Skyler Berman, eat your heart out! 

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