Oprah Went Out in Pink L’Wren Scott For Her Final Bow

Kerry Pieri

“It’s so hard, to say goodbye to yesterday…” For some reason Boys II Men and not, say the Beatles or Barbara Streisand come to mind for Oprah’s final farewell to her audience.

The icon who literally changed lives opted for a cheerful, pretty pink scoop neck dress by L’Wren Scott to bid farewell to fans who might not get over being abandoned today. 25 seasons of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and now this is just it, complete with those diamond drop earrings that have hypnotized me just for the unabashed worth of them (those, like Oprah, could be life changing).

Oprah took these last moments to speak directly to her people. I didn’t get to watch it yet because I’m here at work unlike all of those people who have time to chill and watch O at 4PM EST every day, but if Twitter is any indication she said just about a decade’s worth of uplifting sentiments along the lines of “you matter because you were born.”

I mean, what’s left now, Oprah? The Doctors?

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