Online Shopping Obsession: Tom Binns Tees


Obsessing over Tom Binns‘ subversive jewelry designs is understandablehis multi-colored strands of gems and cuffs adorned with skulls or Morrissey lyrics are about as cool as they come. However, most of the costume-y pieces are quite the investment, and therefore fall into the “want but can’t have” category. ($2,000 and up for a neon necklace? I wish.)

Luckily for us, the designer has introduced a small selection of T-shirts to his line, and they have finally hit the web! The oversized jersey tees are adorned with ornate Tom Binns designs, which are printed all the way around the neckline. While no illustration can quite live up to one of Binns’ actual jewels, a detailed drawing by the man himself is about as close as you can get. They even look like they’re actually sparkling.

Both styles are available for $143 at Shopbop. Get one while you can!

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