Online Dating: How To Scam A Boyfriend

Carly Spindel

These days, online dating is taking over the world. If you’re the type who likes to know all the details about your date before you meet them, then this is the dating route for you. So, if you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend through online dating, then follow these tips!

1. Post Pictures
The number one rule of online dating is making sure your pictures are really you. Using a stock photo or a picture of someone who looks like you isnt a smart idea. The same goes for pictures that are outdated. If you post a picture from 1995 when you were 18 years old, thats not fair. You want to give yourself the best shot at meeting someone so choose pictures that show the real you!

2. Stand Out
Because online dating is so popular, there are thousands of profiles of men and women online. So for someone to notice you, your profile has to be unique. In order to do this, think what makes you special. Then highlight it. Your profile is your chance to shine.

3. Identify, Identify, Identify
If you want to optimize your chance of meeting someone who wants the same things as you, make sure you say what you’re looking for. If you’re on an online dating site just to make new friends, make that clear. If you’re looking to find your husband or wife, say that. You don’t want to start dating someone who doesn’t want the same things as you. That would be a waste of everyone’s time.

4. Honesty Is Best
In life, I believe that honesty is the best policy. For online dating, honesty is the only policy. If you lie about something, your date is bound to find out. You can’t start a relationship based on a lie. So be truthful, it benefits everyone.

5. Get Detailed
The more details you give about yourself, the better chance you have of meeting the man or woman of your dreams. That doesn’t mean your profile should mention your stuffed animal’s name from when you were 5 years old. But you should include your interests and passions. Don’t forget, online dating should be fun. So make your profile the best version of you. Just remember you should always be yourself.

Happy Dating!

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