12 Celebrities Who Faded Into Obscurity

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12 Celebrities Who Faded Into Obscurity
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Fame is a cruel mistress. All too many times, we’ve seen actors star in top-grossing movies and generally be on top of the world, and the next second, he or she’s faded into obscurity never to be seen again (except maybe on TMZ’s “memba them?! feature.)

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For some of these types, celebrity was probably an undue burden—something they might never have really wanted, but something that came with the movie-making territory. For others, it was something dangling above their heads, just beyond reach.

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Whatever the reason, the 12 once-famous stars we’ve rounded up were at the top of fame mountain at one time and are now, well, lost on its trail, so to speak.

Click through and let us know: Which stars you think deserve to be back in the limelight!

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