Olivier moving on?


Word on the street may be that precocious designer Olivier Theyskens, currently holed up at Nina Ricci, may soon be liberated by the shifting vagaries of the commercial market.

It is rumored that Puig, the Spanish company that owns Nina Ricci, was possibly distressed by lagging sales of Theyskens’ somewhat less than mainstream designs. The avant-garde Theyskens, known for being a very conceptual, envelope-pusher of designer, might have asked Puig what they expected whenthey hired him in 2006.


We’re not worried about Theyskens finding a home if a shake up does indeed occur.  Witness the runaway runway hits that Reese Witherspoon (who had been contracted to be the sole American celebrity to wear Nina Ricci on the red carpet) had when she wore the canary yellow cocktail dress to the Golden Globes, followed by the layers of violet crepe tulle at the Oscars.

Almost immediately, Nina Ricci was made a household name off the continent.

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