Oh The Irony: Hipsters Take On Disney World

Jessica Rubin
Oh The Irony: Hipsters Take On Disney World
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Ah, Disney World. It’s a place full of dreams where magic happens, adults spend their days wandering around dressed as cartoon characters and employees are referred to as cast members. But there’s so much more to working at Disney other than dressing up as Mickey Mouse and chasing sweaty kids through an amusement park. The company is notorious for their strict grooming rules, ensuring that even the man handing out churros at Epcot could pass for an insurance salesman.

But all that’s about to change. This morning Jezebel reported that in a revolutionary move, Disney is relaxing their regulations and allowing the odd employee who doesn’t like a smooth face to indulge in a goatee or a 5 o’clock shadow.

To us that means just one thing: hipsters can finally work at Disney World! Yes folks, websites like the Disney Hipster Blog, which take us inside the random obsession hipsters have with Disney,can finally become a daily reality. Just think! Real live Disney memes!

In honor of Disney truly becoming the most magical place on Earth (at least to us), here’s a slideshow of hipsters at Disney World — a taste, if you will, of what it would be like if Brooklyn was relocated to the Magic Kingdom (it’s a small dirty and ironic world after all). Consider it a mid-week gift from us to you. Enjoy!

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