We Asked 40 Designers: If You Won an Olympic Gold Medal, What Would it be For?

Perrie Samotin

designers nyfw gold medal We Asked 40 Designers: If You Won an Olympic Gold Medal, What Would it be For?

New York Fashion Week is officially upon us, and in addition from being totally fixated on runways, street style, and the somewhat irksome task of choosing snow-sensible footwear, we’re also busy paying attention to another major event that’s underway: The 2014 winter olympics.

While the goings-on at Sochi are a tad broader in scope than NYFW, we found an apropos way to fuse both events together: By asking 40 designers one question: “If you were to win an Olympic gold medal, what would it be for?”

Between memorizing Kanye West lyrics, walking in pencil skirts, competitive eating, and an awful lot of would-be figure skaters, it’s clear these designers have some very captivating talents. Read on!


“Cake Making.”
—Peter Som

“Dancing for hours straight.”
—Monique Lhuillier


“Traveling!  I can’t fathom the amount of miles I’ve traveled over the past year.”
—Rachel Roy

“Consumption of candy corn.”
—Katie Gallagher

“Ribbon dancing or rhythmic gymnastics.”
—Mara Hoffman


“All-night dancing.”
–Elizabeth Giardina, 10 Crosby Derek Lam

“Tap Dancing.”
—Lela Rose

jonathan simkhai We Asked 40 Designers: If You Won an Olympic Gold Medal, What Would it be For?

—Brian Wolk, Ruffian 

Claude Morais, Ruffian


“Riding a bike in heels!”
—Pamella Roland, pamella roland

“Flower arranging.”
—Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade

“Shania Twain karaoke hits.”
—Lindsay Degen, DEGEN



“Hockey (I’m Canadian after all!) “
—Jay Godfrey 

“Karaoke. I love singing and dancing.”
—Garancé Dore, Maison Jules


“Could navigating icy sidewalks be one? In heels! That’s my new sport.”
—Michelle Smith, Milly

“Definitely basketball.”
—Ann Yee

“Ice skating!”
—Rebecca Taylor


“Layering. And wearing heels in the snow.” 
—Kaelen Haworth, KAELEN

—Bibhu Mohapatra

“Speed walking.”
—Karolyn Pho

“Surfing. Not that I can even swim well, but it just looks so good!”
—Christine Alcalay


“Figure Skating.”
—Lubov Azria

“It would have to be diving.”
—Dennis Basso

—Fiona Kotur


“Figure Skating. I’m a terrific ice skater.”
—Rolando Santana

“Skating. I love a triple axel every now and then.”
—Misha Nonoo

“Figure skating, because I’m not afraid to fall down.”
—Rebecca Vallance


“Bleaching our hair blonde, of course!”
—The Blonds

“Swimming! My mom wanted me to be in the Olympics.”
Tracy Reese

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