Our Favorite Style-Savvy Tumblrs

Jamie Rose
Our Favorite Style-Savvy Tumblrs
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Tumblr used to be everybody’s little secret website (more like addiction) where you could post anything and everything. But some secrets can’t be held in forever. Companies started to see the benefits of the social media platform and soon started making profiles to market themselves and reach new heights. While everyone has a Tumblr, some just knock it out of the park and are able to show their style-savviness and creativity through these popular web pages.

Here at StyleCaster, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite Tumblrs from a slew of brands, magazines and even retail stores that we find to be particularly stylish and fun to play on. Check out our slideshow to see who we’re following! And click here to check out our very own Tumblr!


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One of NYC’s top organizations, they host a mix of events and workshops throughout the Big Apple. You may remember them from out State of Style Event, which took place at their TriBeca location.

J. Crew

Just like their clothing, J. Crew’s blog is clean-cut yet eye-catching at the same time. Besides featuring their clothing, the retailer highlights photoshoots and some of their staff’s favorite things.


The sister brand to J. Crew, Madewell’s Tumblr focuses more on those that are in the fashion industry, events and music playlist. Recently, our very own Marni Golden was featured on their page to show which merchandise she’d take on her Italian getaway.


One of the world’s biggest retailers has one of the most fun and eye-catching Tumblr pages. Instead of featuring their garments, Topshop highlights outfit posts from all over the world. Users can even ask questions and post photos of themselves wearing their favorite Topshop pieces.

Vice Magazine

Your Tumblr can now follow this outrageous and outspoken magazine. Vice posts links, photos, videos and articles from their site that makes their blog stand out from the others


Everyone has an Instagram account and now you can follow them on Tumblr. Their blog features tips on how to use the app, current events and city meet-ups called InstaMeets.

Opening Ceremony

One of the trendiest retailers in the world, Opening Ceremony recently launched a Tumblr page. They post fun and quirky photos that are great to look at and reblog.

Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Department

Did you know that the shoe floor at Saks has its own zip code? On their Tumblr, you can keep up with events and promotions going on at their famous NYC location.

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