Not Your Typical High School Prom Night: Party Snaps

Susie G
Not Your Typical High School Prom Night: Party Snaps
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It’s almost Prom season and you know what that means dress shopping, man hunting and crash dieting. For those of you who are still in High School, this time of year can be exciting and stressful. For those of us who are no longer in High School, this time of year is just an excuse to wear adorable gowns and dance to Mariah Carey songs pre-Glitter era.

Well, Mallory and Bianca from Small Girls PR have been doing just that. The duo have been running the dress diary blog known as where they each wore a Prom dress from every day for 30 days. To celebrate the culmination of their 30 day challenge, the girls, along with Styleite, Tumblr, Of A Kind and a slew of other sponsors, put together a Prom night at Le Bain located at The Standard Hotel in Downtown New York City. The Prom was complete with balloon arches, a photo booth and a DJ who played a lot of Mariah Carey.

To see all the hip-shaking kids who got to relive their High School Prom memories, take a glance at the photos in the slideshow above!

Susie G is the blogger behind street style blog CLICK/CLASH. To contact her, please send her an email at djsusieg [at] gmail [dot] com. Don’t forget to follow Susie G on Twitter: @CLICKCLASH.

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Bianca from Small Girls PR wore Prom dresses every day for 30 days. What better way to celebrate the end of the dress challenge than by throwing a Prom night!

Prom couple Sarah Reynolds and Steven Rojas looking picture perfect.

Robbie Sokolowsky and The Dandy Project's Izzy Tuason are excellent Prom date candidates just in case you were wondering.

The crowd was a bit more wilder than your average Prom crowd.

TC Meggs just invented a new dance called the "Shadow Puppet."

Bianca (right) and beau were one of the cutest Prom couples last night!

I told Miss @Bergdorfs that I wanted the dress she was wearing about every 5 minutes.

Social media lovin' Prom couple @Bergdorfs and @TCMeggs.

This woman is the blonde version of that red-head actress in that 80's film Teen Witch. Hopefully most of you will get that reference.

I give big props to people who can rock the formal wear like Bianca and TC Meggs!

At every party, there's always one dude who is just hardcore dancing all night. That was this guy.

No Prom is complete without a photo booth!

One of my favorite niche DJs are the hooded DJs along with masked DJs.

Facebook status updating with comfort.

One reason why this Prom was better than my own High School Prom - Kanon Organic Vodka. Enough said.

Easter bunny babe, Michelle Halpern and Candice Kumai lounge by the bar enjoying their Kanon Organic Vodka cocktails.

Meet Nick - my favorite cute bartender at Le Bain.

Blogger Joey Ng Prom outfit just screams "SPRING!" and I love it!

Door man du jour Ian Cogneto looking sharp per usual.

Photo booths are magic - fact.

Photo booth staff break at Le Bain.

Loving the Risky Business vibe going on with this dude's look.

These dolls need to mate so they can produce some good looking kids.

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