North West Is a Makeup Artist Now, and Khloé Is Her First Client

North West Is a Makeup Artist Now, and Khloé Is Her First Client
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Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, may be only three years old, but she already knows how to do makeup, just like her beauty-obsessed family. Or—at least she thinks she does. In the most adorable trio of Snapchats from Khloé Kardashian’s account, little Northie attempted to give her aunt a full makeover.

She started with a little powder. “Oh, thank you, darling. Thank you,” Khloé cooed, while North did her best impression of a hard-at-work makeup artist, her brow as furrowed as a three-year-old’s brow can get.

Next, a little lipstick for her famous auntie. All was going well at first: “Good job. Do you do this a lot?” Khloé deadpanned, as North gently patted her aunt’s lips with lipstick in what looks like the signature Kardashian shade—nude, of course. But then North took a little detour. “On my chin?” Khloé shrieked.

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To seal the deal, North got creative like her dad, Kanye West, and went with a little lip gloss … on Khloé’s décolletage. “Uh, excuse me, young lady, are you putting makeup on my chest?” Khloé asked. “Body makeup!” North exclaimed. “Body makeup! You tricked me again?” Khloé said.

That North West: Such a trickster. Seriously, though—the girl has an amazing sense of humor. Remember the time she told the paparazzi, “No pictures”? Yup, it’s official: She’s our favorite Kardashian.

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