That’s Not Normal: A Round-Up Of The Strangest Celebrity Mom Behaviors

Spencer Cain

Celebrity moms: they are NOT just like us. In fact, they’re weird. Very weird. It’s rare that I’ll open a magazine and not read about some strange behavior that some lunatic famous gal is indulging in. The latest involves my ultimate favorite, Hilary Duff, who allegedly hid her son Luca’s umbilical cord in her makeup drawer. I’m imagining a drawer stocked with Chanel and body parts at the Duff manse, and I kind of love it.

Anyway, the thing about celebrity moms is they always feel the need to share. It’s as if no one else is a parent and they possess all of the wisdom in the entire world and it’s their responsibility to impart their crazy belief systems on the people of America. And you know what, maybe it is their responsibility. After all, we’re nothing without celebrity moms.

That said, take a look at the gallery above for a round-up of some of the recent strangest behaviors of celebrity moms. Oh, and be a dear and share some of your own freaky factoids in the comments below.

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