No Surprise Here: ‘Hunger Games’ Mall Tour Is A Sh*t Show

Spencer Cain

The “mall tour” seriously defines 1990s celebrity culture. It really was not abnormal for a huge star to hit a local mall and maybe perform a song or two, pose with fans and answer a few questions. And maybe if you were lucky, you’d see them popping byClaire’s afterwards for a quick piercing. Confession: I actually think I got my ear pierced atClaire’s back in the day. I still have regrets.

Anyway, as previously reported, The Hunger Games was set to hit the mall circuit. It kicked off two days ago at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, California. As we warned you, it was a hot mess. No one was trampled and killed a la Black Friday, when rabid bargain hunters are known to trample anything that gets in the way of a discounted deep fryer, but it was complete mayhem.

Even as an avid Hunger Games fan, this is something that I just would NOT touch. Look at the picture above. I’m having an anxiety attack thinking of all the clothing from Delias’ 2001 spring collection that would be rubbing against me. Head to THR for some more snaps.

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