Nicholas K Spring 2013: Futuristic Nomads

Nicholas K Spring 2013: Futuristic Nomads
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During a time when the future is unknown, designers Nicholas and Chris Kunz, the duo behind line Nicholas K, are doing their part to suggest an optimal environment. Inspired by the 1970s film, Soylent Green, Chris Kunz describes the look as  “1970’s futuristic nomad.” Kunz dove deeper into the influences of the film and the era altogether, explaining, “Society is really going through that change right now and the ’70s was all about revolution […] So we tried to take those elements [but not] literal.”

With Western influences abundant, fluid ponchos, scarves draped as hoods and organic colors – notably rust — paraded down the runway. To maintain a modern approach to the collection, wide, round-framed glasses helped add a geek-chic element, suggesting that their nomads were perhaps scientists conducting experiments in a desert from the future. Skull caps and laced wedges inserted a sophistication. Kunz describes her choices to invoke a refined perspective: “The layers [and] like the beanies are a chicer and more modern version of that [the 1970s].”

With all the talk about the future, we had to ask Kunz’s opinion on the quickly evolving fashion landscape, where bloggers are sprouting everywhere and pushing the industry into a sort of tailspin. “I think it’s really interesting because people have more power. Power to the people, people can express their voice.”

Kunz continued, “In terms of fashion, I think that people want to be versatile, they want to be comfortable, and they are jet-setting. I don’t see any of my friends wearing heels anymore. As a woman, I want to design clothes that are comfortable and wearable.” Reuse and versatility were key as draped, flowing fabric seemed to float naturally on the body.

What does Kunz suggest snatching for this fall? “A black leather jacket,” Kunz smiles, “You always look cool in a black leather jacket!” We couldn’t agree more. Read on to scope out some of the top looks from the Spring 2013 collection!

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