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Loose Lips: Rachel Zoe

Loose Lips: Rachel Zoe

August 20th, 2009
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“A psychiatrist. I am endlessly fascinated by people’s minds and what makes them tick.”

-Rachel Zoe, on what she would want her career to be had she not chosen fashion.

I can hear it now-

Patient: Dr. Zoe! I keep hearing voices and I think my husband is trying to kill me!

Dr. Zoe: All you have to do is buy a vintage Halston dress and a great shoe! It’s bananas!

Patient: But…I might be anorexic, and my dog keeps telling me to jump off a cliff!

Dr. Zoe: What you need is a true red carpet moment! And maybe a Birkin! I die; where’s Roger?

As much as we want to tell you all about our childhood, Rachel…we don’t know. Maybe stick to The Zoe Report.

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