New York Fashion Week Diary Day 7: Features Director Style

Kerry Pieri
New York Fashion Week Diary Day 7: Features Director Style
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It’s my last diary day, and although I didn’t see Leighton or Blake, the new Gossip Girl was everywhere and I’ve sort of become a backstage fixture. Relive all the fun, with none of the running in heels pain, in my diary of day seven at New York Fashion Week.

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After spending the night before at the V Man party, getting up at 7AM for Yigal was not easy, but worth it! I first stopped by the handsome and talented Yigal Azrouel's backstage, where he told me what his though process was for the season: " because I've been doing menswear the past few seasons, that influenced me. It's about taking the idea of the structure and making it a bit more dressy, like putting elements of a tuxedo shirt and making a dress out of it – it's a lot of structured pieces, layers. It's also about the process and working with models and I build from there and get the emotion from her." Sounds lovely, and I can't wait to see it.

The hair was elegent but soft at the Lincoln Center backstage area. Yigal said the move uptown this season, "just made sense. The space is really cool and works for me."

This is a makeup artist, I liked the look of him.

The makeup was soft with a touch of color, very pretty. Yigal said after Europe he was going to maybe go to Costa Rica to surf. Jealous.

Vanessa Hudgens was very serious in the front row at Yigal seated next to InStyle's Hal Rubenstein.

But something made her smile! I bet it wasn't a tweet from ex Zac Efron.

True to his word, the looks were very masculine meets feminine.

Loved this floor length gown, way sophisticated.

Next up, I stopped off at the Vacca presentation, which had a very workwear for the cool girl vibe and almost models-as-chic-robots set up.

They switched places silently every few minutes.

Quite the beauty.

What is that? Velvet?

I next went to Starbucks to read the daily and catch a soy latte – they spelled my name wrong but it's cool.

On my way back in I spied the Sartorialist at work. He must have just not seen me, obviously. I think it's fun to see that he sets up his shots though. Interesting...

The front row at Nanette Lepore was star studded with no one expected, except Mickey Boardman who I told looks very dapper!

Roger Sterling aka John Slattery is quite the silver fox, but he had a little newsie cap on to hide it.

I also grabbed a shot of the star of Boardwalk Empire before getting kicked off the runway for not having access to photograph. I didn't know I needed it!

As expected, Nanette was all pretty girls with some ruffles and lace for good measure.

But she also threw in some leather pieces to throw us off her trail.

The final walk...

Next, I run all the way downtown – not literally, I took a cab – to 3.1 Phillip Lim backstage.

The models were about to do their runthrough of the show so I got to see all of them!

The hair was way fun.

Giving good face...

Lim muse Tao Okamoto looked amaze as always.


Better shot of the makeup with more soft color – is anyone taking notes?

The nails were killer.

As were the shoes – need.

Model board! Kasia opened.

All the NARS makeup you could ever need.

From uptown sophisitication to downtown quirky, I'm back at MILK for Jeremy Scott. Here's a pic from him Swatch collab.

The clothes were sort of a clever statement on mass consumerism.

But also, with a lot of pink and pigtails that look set for a rave.

Andrej also walked and again made me sad that a boy is that much prettier than me.

This chick wore a grey wig. I mean...

Christian unveiled a collaboration with Aldo on the runway along with a less ethereal more structured look at beautiful clothes. I loved the fur jackets and snoods especially.

Last up in Anna Sui, she had all the amazing models (hi Lily!) and showed her trademark downtown boho looks. This jacket was great.

Going off of 4 hours of sleep, I'm going home to put on my new lipgloss and perfume and order up some shumai and spicy tuna. This is about how the world looks to me right now.

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