The “New Moon” Stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Insist on Doing Separate Press


The second film in the Twilight trilogy, New Moon, is hitting theaters soon. This means, otherwise-wouldn’t-be-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have even more rumors to dodge, and in trying to keep it easy, they simply aren’t traveling together. Each star is setting out with other cast and crew members, Kristen in Brazil and Robert in Japan separately.

After Stewart’s most recent remarks about not wanting to be a movie star due to her intense acting abilities, which we reported on yesterday, (see Kristen Stewart takes on Angelina), we are not so sure we care whether these two co-stars are dating or not. Though the movies are popular, some fans need to keep in mind that the two actors are, in fact, acting. If these two were dating in real life, it would spark a certain Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling The Notebook-type romantic chord, but not all intense on-screen love correlates to real dating and that’s okay. However, we fully expect to hear more are-they, aren’t-they gossip until the New Moon release November 20.

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