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New Michael Jackson Song, “This Is It” Available for Download

New Michael Jackson Song, “This Is It” Available for Download

With the posthumous movie This Is It scheduled to premiere on October 26, Michael Jackson‘s single “This Is It is now available for download. The song is a tender ballad instead of a Michael Jackson hooky dance-pop song which makes “This Is It” resonate longer in the wake of Jackson’s death.

With that said, below is the trailer for Michael Jackson’s movie focusing on his scheduled 50 performances in London, highlighting Jackson’s rehearsals and tour promotion. Movies times and tickets are already available for pre-order through the This Is It movie website here.

  • michael lover

    the movie is going to be so inspiring…

  • shaniqua

    ya people needed to stop talking about the is good but dum he is dead lead the man along he is in heaven he is the king pop ok so who evey is takling about him needed to stop right now not tommor but now

  • zeba hasan

    I love Michel Jackson. He is still with us. He can never die.

  • Ashley Carmichael

    the movie is soo good i am a huge fan of michael jackson i have not stop thing of him he is in my heart and his music is too he will never be forgottin and i had to say that HE IS NOT DEAD TO ME!!!!!!

  • amber

    ok look girl dnt tell ppl that they need to let him be u need to get a man!!! bitch lol

  • Ronald

    whoever said leave him alone shut the hell up he da man and we aint forgetting him especially me so shut up shaniqua

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