New Britney Song “3” Video Shoot Has Spears Cleaning Up Her Act


Britney’s songs are getting dirtier, but she is reportedly cleaning up her act. Stylist for her upcoming music video, GK Reid, said that she was fit, energetic and snacking on sushi. In addition to “working hard” and “being sweet to the dancers,” Reid said Brit “even sang live with the words.” Since we’re pretty sure Britney’s never sang, like, at all (doesn’t she have a voice double?), this is a huge step. There may be 11 more steps to take, but we’ll be there for her along the way.

Oh, and Britney, if you get sick of sushi, we have a few delicious ideas on healthy snacking. Doritos’ sales are going to plummet, but you’ll fit into your spandex much better.

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