Net-a-Porter Buyer Sasha Sarokin On How She Goes From Work To a Holiday Party In Style

Leah Bourne

During the holiday season your inbox is probably chock full of invites for parties. Yes, this is great and all (bring on the eggnog and Christmas cookies!) but all of those additions to your work week calendar probably mean you’re going to have to somehow turn conservative work outfits into festive party-ready attire, not exactly an easy task.

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Net-a-Porter’s London-based Buying Manager Sasha Sarokin is no stranger to the office quick change (and it goes without saying has a killer fashion sense). She gave us a few of her top tips for the not to so easy office to party fashion transition, plus told us how she does it herself. You are going to want to take notes on this one.

sasha Net a Porter Buyer Sasha Sarokin On How She Goes From Work To a Holiday Party In Style

Net-a-Porter’s Buying Manager Sasha Sarokin. Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

1. Look for small ways to be festive.

Sarokin’s top piece of advice to keep in mind? Dressing for a holiday party doesn’t mean having to wear a red party dress. “The most important thing is to include a moment of festiveness [in your outfit] like showing a delicate camisole with a fun skirt. Women can wear a pencil skirt with a camisole tucked in and a blazer, and then disrobe the top layer for the party. Likewise a fun skirt, something metallic, can look relaxed for the office with knitwear, and a blazer or a bomber jacket if you have a more creative job. And chiffon anything is great for parties.”

2. Makeup and hair makes a huge difference. 

“Ultimately, throw on fabulous red lipstick and eyeliner, [and you’ll be ready for a party],” Sarokin advises. Another one of her top tips? “A ballet bun will make sure your face takes center stage” for evening. Bonus: It’s a hairdo you can do in your office bathroom in less than five minutes.

3. Get on the 1970s train. 

“The 70s [trend] is fun and easy to take from day to nighttime,” Sarokin says, and suggests giving this trend a try this holiday party season. “You can wear black and accessorize with fabulous gold jewelry and you’ll be good to go.”

4. Where you can go wrong. 

Sarokin shared that it is pretty hard to go seriously wrong, but laughed that “going to work in a party dress can be pretty difficult.” She added: “Having a clever party outfit unveil can be really fun” so you might want to avoid heading to work in your full-on party outfit.

5. Sarokin’s go-to work to party outfit?

Prepare for a serious case of closet envy with this one—Sarokin’s favorite go-to work to party staple is a pair of shiny lamé Stella McCartney track pants. “I can replace sneakers with a pair of strappy sandals for cocktails,” she said. “They are a bit unconventional for the office, but perfect for night.”

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