21 Ways to Wear a Scarf in the Summer and Not Look Insane

21 Ways to Wear a Scarf in the Summer and Not Look Insane
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I like to think of neck scarves as the OG choker necklace: They have a similar effect of drawing attention to your face and décolletage, but with the added bonus of prints, color, and a vintage-movie-star vibe that no skinny velvet ribbon can compete with.

For summer, a well-folded silk scarf or classic cotton bandana can give the outfits you’ve been wearing day in, day out since June a much-needed boost—meaning that, yes, you can totally wear denim cutoffs and a vintage tee for the third time this week, and maybe even get some compliments while you’re at it.

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But the real argument for tying on a scarf when it’s 80-plus degrees outside? If it gets too hot, you can always tie it around your head to get your hair off your neck. (Can I get a 🙌?)

Ahead, see 21 street-style-approved ways to wear a neck scarf from now till fall.

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