13 Effortless, Elegant Nautical Outfits to Copy Now

Perrie Samotin
13 Effortless, Elegant Nautical Outfits to Copy Now
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Is there anything as effortless and elegant than classic nautical outfits in the summer? Nope, although there’s a perilously fine line between looking as if you should to be lounging on a yacht in Saint Tropez and looking like you escaped from a dress rehearsal of “Anything Goes.”

Meaning: Nautical fashion has the ability to look pretty costumey and overdone, so keeping your pieces modern and not too literal is key.

Here, 13 outfits that do just that—use key elements of nautical style like striped shirts, white pants, high-waisted flares, and zippy flats—to create stylish, smart, summery outfits suited more to Jane Birkin than an “On The Town” chorus girl.

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