5 Ways to Take Your Personal Style To The Next Level From Rising Pop Star Natalia Kills

Meghan Blalock
natalia kills

Photo by Natalia Mantini

Natalia Kills has one motto when it comes to her style: “More is more.”

The 26-year-old British singer-songwriter, whose sophomore album “Trouble” comes out this September, is a rising star in America, but she’s already made a name for herself in the U.K. as a no-holes-barred badass with a girly-girl side.

A big fan of brands like Prada, Chanel, and Opening Ceremony, Natalia likes to take high-end pieces and mix them with cheap vintage finds. “When you look in my closet, it looks like a mix of Ginger from “Casino,” maybe a bit of “Clueless” in there, and a little bit Wednesday Addams,” Natalia told us. “There’s just a feeling of luxurious dreamy girlishness in a very vulgar way, and I like that. There’s something very fanciful about everything. It’s aspirational clothing. Everything from like the plastic Givenchy visors and the $2.99 flea market earrings.”

Clearly—judging from the above insight—there’s nobody better to offer tips on how to take your personal style to the next level, so we caught up with the pop star in New York to do just that. Read on for her advice!

1. If you can find your own way to accessorize, you can make anything work.
“If you use unusual techniques to express yourself, instead of going for the typical accessory, that’s always a good way to work with what you already have. You feel flattered by or comfortable wearing it, but in a way that gives you confidence.”

2. Wear your feelings.
“I’ve become transfixed with accessorizing with pieces that transmit a feeling or a memory of some sort. It’s not just about finding something designer or finding something convenient; it’s about finding something that has a memory or a feeling of a memory attached to it. Maybe it would be something more sentimental, like a token or a memory. My grandmother raised me, and I have this ring she gave me when I turned 21. It’s from Cartier from Paris in the really late 1970s, and I never take it off, ever. It’s not even an accessory; it’s like a part of my body. I like things that have feeling or sentiment.”

3. Be non-apologetic with your style choices.
“I suppose I’ve chosen a more radical approach, because for me, I would accessorize an outfit by it being so sheer that everyone can see my nipples. Or I’m wearing something so short that I may as well just be wearing a thong. I’ve always looked up to and enjoyed any kind of woman that was being non-apologetic with her style choices.”

4. Learn from … Barbie? 
“I used to love Barbie when I was a little girl, when she was completely plastic and unrealistic, when no one in the world could ever look like that. She’s quite politically correct and plain now, which is disappointing. I used to love Barbie because she came with so many accessories. It was just a plain pink shoe, and it was just a squishy earring, or a big bow for the hair or a jacket, and a car or a dog or a horse or a boyfriend. She had all these accessories. And each one on its own was very simple, and elegant and trashy-chic. Barbie is all the wrong ideologies put into one right object. I like things like that, where they’re just so simple that you can wear as many of them as you want without them completely conflicting in a distracting way. Obnoxious is good, distracting is … just distracting.

5. Sometimes fashion takes precedent over necessity.
“I bought those Prada sunglasses when they came out, the ones with the daisies. I bought them and I liked them so much, I ran back in the shop and got the white pair, as well before someone else got them. And then I didn’t pay my rent! Which is amazing, it was just perfect. [The rent] can wait. The Pradas will be gone though, so they can’t wait.”

Plus, check out Natalia’s just-released music video for her catchy song “Problem” below!

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