Nasty Gal Is Currently Hosting a Massive Collection of Vintage Chanel

Meghan Blalock

nasty gal vintage chanel

Here’s two things that don’t seem to go together online mega fast-fashion retailer Nasty Gal and vintage ChanelAnd yet, today our minds have been blown, because is currently hosting a massive collection of 1980s and ’90s archival pieces from the French label, to the tune of 115 different bags, necklaces, dress, charms, and much more.

Wait, rewind. How did this come about? “Chanel is a next-level label,” Nasty Gal vintage buyer Liz Franczak writes on the brand’s blog. “When we launched The Score, which is the higher-end vintage section of our site, we saw that any time we put a Chanel piece in the store, it would fly out the door in 20 minutes. I thought it would be cool if we did something really huge, and it all came together really organically. I was finding stuff that I thought was really cool and went well together.”

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Pieces in the collection, as you might expect, greatly exceed Nasty Gal’s typically sub-$200 price point. Whether we’re talking a pair of Rainier earrings for $528 or a quilted leather bomber jacket for $7,200, nothing in this collection falls below the $500 mark. And while Nasty Gal’s higher-end arm is not that new, it’s certainly not where they make most of their profit; the typical shopper knows Nasty Gal to be an affordable online shop where she can get trendier, edgier versions of classic pieces at a totally approachable price.

Clearly, the typical Nasty Gal shopper also is an aspirational one and probably sees how today’s street style stars and celebrities mix vintage designer pieces with fast fashion, and have their own disposable income to do it.

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Head to to see the extensive collection of vintage Chanel pieces. It’s a collaboration that certainly has us scratching our heads, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it!

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